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This table is intended as a guide to who to contact. First check if the columns for supervisor is checked. If so, contact the supervisor before contacting the specific people mentioned. If the columns for supervisors are not checked, then proceed to the individuals with checks.

Main supervisor Co-supervisors Geir Kjetil Sveinung Kai Morten Vegard Nils Ole Christian Torbjørn Anja Karin Lex Jon Eivind Sigve
Access to servers (Abel) x x
Access to servers (Invitro) x
New Galaxy-installations x
Adding and writing Galaxy tools x x
Questions on HyperBrowser codebase x x
Finding appropriate biological data x x x x x x x
Finding literature x x x x x x x x
Procrastination issues x x x x x
Statistical questions x x
Programming questions x x x
Web programming x x
Database handling x x x
Program/library installation in HyperBrowser x
Program/library installation outside HyperBrowser x
Biological questions x x x x x x x
Finding expertise in IFI research groups x x x
Writing and language x x x x x x x x x
Reference handling x x x x x
Latex (or alternatives for writing) x
Thesis structure (disposition etc) x x x x x x x
Preparing for and presenting a talk x
Computer setup (server access, VC, useful scripts) x
Work places and access x x x
Social activities and cooperation x x x
Formalities at IFI (forms etc) x x
Examination and sensors x
Contact point and initial talk with new students x x
Course recommendations x x x
Weekly meetings X
Presenting BMI group and offered tasks x x
BMI web pages and wiki x x
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