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Room 4118, Styrerommet, is reserved for seminars for employees and students on 10th floor every other Wednesday throughout the Spring semeste 2012.

onsdag, 22.02.2012 10.30 Einar Rødland: Information theory: What is it, and what does it tells us about the amount of memory required to store information (e.g. k-mer counts as required in genome assembly).

onsdag, 07.03.2012 11.00 Ole Christian Lingjærde: Google's PageRank: How a simple idea and some linear algebra evolved to become the core element of a multi-billion-dollar venture.

onsdag, 21.03.2012 11.00

onsdag, 18.04.2012 11.00 Geir Kjetil Sandve: Why bioinformatics examples are useful when learning programming.

onsdag, 02.05.2012 11.00

onsdag, 16.05.2012 11.00

onsdag, 30.05.2012 11.00

onsdag, 13.06.2012 11.00

onsdag, 27.06.2012 11.00

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