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Every wednesday at 12.30, we have a brief meeting on current status.

In addition to this, we also have some thematic meetings and presentations. We usually try to have these on wednesdays just after the status meeting (i.e. between 13 and 14), although some meetings may also be at other days and times.

Below is a list of planned future meetings/presentations:

  • March 21, just after status meeting (around 12.45-14.00): Discuss essay. Nils will lead the discussion. Everybody should have written something (at least ten lines, preferrably more) and put this on the wiki within March 18.
  • April 18, just after status meeting: Test-driven development.
  • April 25, just after status meeting: Runar, Tobias and Torkil will very briefly present their project.
  • May 2, just after status meeting: Kristoffer R, Kristoffer W, Anders will very briefly present their project.
  • May 9, just after status meeting: Kine, Michael, Mathias, Knut will very briefly present their project.
  • May 16, focus on essay
  • May 23, last meeting before summer: focus on how the situation will be during summer
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